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“…the best online real estate school at the cheapest price with superb customer service”- A Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate student

We’re in the business of education, not bragging, but with a quote like that for a title what’s the point of writing anything more? We, Dealroom Partners, the group that owns Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate, have confirmed by feedback from our users that we are on to something big.  Customer service, user experience

Consumer behavior and how does Keep Me Certified read minds?

If you’re reading this article, you use the internet and therefore have purchased at least one item or service from an online merchant.  Further, you fall in to one of three consumer groups based on your personal purchasing preferences. The purpose of this article is to discuss consumer purchasing behaviors and how we, Keep Me

Who is Dealroom Partners and what are we doing?

We are “Dealroom Partners” and we are on a mission to build better training for professionals.  We believe in challenging the status quo by thinking and doing things differently.  We do this by making everything we bring to market beautifully designed and simple to use so we can offer our customers the best possible user

The evolution of Massachusetts Real Estate Schools and the difference between success and failure

Back in the day (only 5 years ago) real estate schools competed and thrived on where their school and/or their classes were held. The students for these schools generally went to the closest or second closest location so they could pay a lot of money to sit in uncomfortable chairs and listen to an instructor

Are you listening? We, Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate, now have a blog!

Bookmark our blog because it’s going to be your go-to blog for special deals and exciting news both about KMC and real estate in general. Any questions, send us an email to