Best online Real Estate School Award

It’s official…  Every so often schools and websites get crowned “best online _____ school” or “best ____ website”.  According to one of our students who recently finished our course, Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate won the award for “Best online real estate school” (according to her).  Her exact words were “you guys are the best online school that I’ve enjoyed”.  Sure, that may not seem like much to you but to us, it’s the reason we’re here.  Every so often when we get that email or live chat from a student telling us how much they enjoyed the course, that’s what keeps us going.

When people tell us how they enjoyed the course we like to ask them if there was anything in particular they enjoyed about the course.  Here are a few excerpts from some of their responses:

1.  “Michael [the instructor] sounds like Mike Rowe, wonderful voice”

2.  “I really enjoyed how he tied his personal stories in to the classes.”

3.  “It’s great that he [Michael] has actually been in the trenches and actively works in the industry.  Most of the courses I’ve taken are taught by washed up boring instructors, great work!”

If you’re reading this article because you’re a real estate agent or broker in Massachusetts and you’re trying to decide where to take your continuing education credits, look no further.  We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy our course that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it.  Want to see what the instructor looks like and sounds like before you signup, no problem, just go to our homepage,, and watch the 2 minute intro video.