Bricks to clicks: Why take your Continuing Ed online?

Every decision has its pros and cons.  Hear our thoughts on why online is better and decide for yourself. 

Whether you’re a busy working professional or you have no deals in the pipeline so you look forward to meeting the mailman at the front door when he comes in the afternoon, if you have some sort of professional certification you are most likely required to take some sort of continuing education to keep active.  Lifeguards, accountants, real estate agents and every professional in between all need to complete continuing education.  Whether it’s a timed mile or simply a refresher course on the latest updates to IRS regulations, one thing we all share is that almost nobody looks forward to doing them.

So, if you’re required to do something you don’t want to do then you’re most likely going to attempt to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Boom, your decision is almost already made.  What’s easier, laying on your bed next to your computer screen watching a course online or going to some hotel room 10 miles away to listen to someone speak?  When you have to travel somewhere like a hotel conference room, there are a lot of unknowns.  For example, will there be traffic on the way, what does the instructor look like, will anyone interesting also be attending this class, how many people will be there, do they serve lunch, how does the instruction sound when they speak, are they interesting, are they good looking, do they take frequent breaks, am i allowed to use my phone while they’re talking, etc….

With our course, Keep Me Certified, we give you everything you need and would want to know, upfront on our homepage, no unkonwns.  We’re not shy,  in fact, we’re so proud of our instructor that when you load or homepage we  automatically play a 1 minute video of him on our homepage just so you can see and hear him in action.  We’re very transparent.  From our homepage you can see our school certificate, read about us (the school owners), sign-up, read about the course topics we offer and even check out our FAQ page which most likely answers any questions you might possibly have about our course and system.  Still worried you’re going to have trouble using our website?  No need to worry, we offer live chat support right in the bottom right corner of our site and you can always reach us via email.  We’ve got an incredible support team, send us an email to support at and see for yourself.

To complete 12 hours of continuing education it costs $55 and it takes less than 1 minute to sign-up (as long as you’ve memorized your credit card number).