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How to Renew a Missouri Real Estate Agent License

Keeping your Missouri real estate agent license active is a simple process. This article explains the requirements and steps necessary to renew a Missouri real estate agent license. Real Estate License Renewal Requirements and Fees   Below are the requirements for Missouri Real Estate Salespersons: 12 Hours of Continuing education must be completed every two

Where can I complete Connecticut Continuing Ed Online

With only a few weeks until the May 31 Connecticut real estate agent license renewal deadline, agents are scrambling to complete their continuing ed. Don’t worry, you are not alone! This rush occurs in every state with a renewal deadline. If you haven’t already, you need to complete 12 credit hours of continuing ed before

How to Check the Status of a New York Real Estate License Online

  Want to check the status of your or someone else’s New York real estate license? This post explains exactly how anyone can check their New York real estate license status. Whether you are a real estate agent or broker, or your license is active, expired, or inactive, all licensees are kept in a central

How to Renew a New York Real Estate License Online

Are you a licensed New York Real Estate Agent or Broker? The purpose of this article is to cover New York Real Estate license renewal requirements, timelines, and where licensees can complete the approved mandatory and elective course topics. Real Estate License Renewal Requirements Below are the requirements that are the same for both NY

Renew your Connecticut Real Estate License Online!

With more than 20,000 real estate agents in Connecticut, we are sure you are not the only agent wondering where and if you can renew your Connecticut real estate license online.  The answer is: YES. Every two years real estate agents, salespersons and brokers must complete 12 credit hours worth of continuing education courses to keep

Cheapest Online Massachusetts Real Estate License School

Looking for the cheapest way to obtain or renew a Massachusetts real estate license? If so, you are reading the right article. To OBTAIN a Massachusetts real estate license Candidates are required to complete an approved 40-hour pre-licensure class. Keep Me Certified offers the full 40-hour course streamed live online. At the time of writing this article,

How To Get a Massachusetts Real Estate License

Massachusetts Real Estate License Requirements This article explains exactly what you need to know to get a Massachusetts Real Estate License. First, to see if you qualify to become a Massachusetts real estate agent, you must be able to answer “yes”, to these questions: 1. Are you at least 18 years old? 2. Do you

How to Renew a Connecticut Real Estate License

It is a simple process to keep your Connecticut real estate license active. The purpose of this article is to simplify the Connecticut real estate license renewal process for CT real estate agents and brokers. Connecticut Real Estate License Renewal Requirements Below are the requirements that are the same for both CT real estate agents and

Real Estate Courses in Massachusetts

There are 3 different types of real estate courses in Massachusetts.  The first type of real estate course is the real estate salesperson exam prep class.  This class qualifies candidates with the required 40-course credits needed to be eligible to sit for the exam.  Classes are generally broken in to four 10-hour days and cover all

How to Reactivate an Inactive Mass Real Estate License

This post discusses how to reactivate an inactive Massachusetts real estate license that is currently listed as “inactive” with the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure (DPL). You can check the status of your real estate license by clicking here. What is an inactive real estate license? Reactivating a real estate license is easy and more common