Cheapest/ most competitive online real estate schools in Massachusetts

It’s been a while since we have researched the prices of online real estate school courses and it’s important that we do a periodic comparison and share the results with you for a couple of reasons.  First, transparency, second, to see how crazy some school owners think they can get away with charging such high prices and third, to make sure we are staying competitive. Before you make any judgements regarding my last statement, think about this…  All online schools pretty much offer the same course topics (with some variation).  IF we were all online retail stores selling the same plain white t-shirt, who would you buy the shirt from, the store that charges $10 or the one that charges $5? Now of course, some of you might reply with “certain courses are better quality than others and that’s what allows them to charge more”.  Fair point, but I amm writing this article because I have done the research by signing up for some of our competitors courses as a “secret shopper”.  I can count the number of online continuing education courses on less than one hand that deserve a higher price than the competitive market rate due to quality.

To switch from quality to price I’d like to list the 10 cheapest most competitively priced schools.

1.  Keep Me Certified –– $45

2.  Lee Institute- $78

3. Area Real Estate school- -$45 (the same school owner as

4. New England Real Estate Academy- $75

5.  Maonlinece – $45

6.  Host Group- $48


Feel free to poke around all of their websites to see exactly what each school offers and how their websites look.  Most importantly, try to determine who the instructors are for each course.  If you are going to listen to the instructor for 12 hours then you want to know who they are and how they sound in the videos.  Everyone would prefer a Mike Rowe (from the discovery channel) over a boring monotonous personality.

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