Real Estate Agent online CE credits: Where do I take them and how much?

Keep Me Certified is the number one school in Massachusetts to take your continuing education online.  If you’re reading this article, you’re probably searching around the web to find the best place to complete your 12 credits.  Let me take 2 minutes of your time to explain 3 reasons why you should take your board approved continuing education courses at

1.  Interesting instructor-  His name is Michael and he’s been a broker owner on Newbury street in Boston for many years.  He’s done it all and he’s lived to tell his stories which he does every chance he gets.  Michael is energetic, italian (he moves around and uses his hands a lot) and we guarantee that if you learn nothing from the videos you will still enjoy listening. O, and he sounds like Mike Rowe (from the discovery channel), who doesn’t like listening to him?

2.  Popular course topics-  You are required to take 12 credit hours in 2-hour increments.  The board has approved a number of courses that are available to be taught.  Keep Me Certified launched in January 2012 with 6 of the most popular topics.  Since they they’ve added 2 additional courses and are working on their 9th topic (Ethics), set to release this week.

3.  Easy to use website-  With a background in usability and user interfaces, the KMC Team set out to create a website that was so simple to use, even your grandparents could figure it out.  Take a couple of minutes to see for yourself by poking around their website at

So that’s it, my 2 minutes to explain 3 reasons you should complete your continuing education at Keep Me Certified is up.  The course cost $55 and even has a 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you decide you don’t like it or would rather drive to a hotel conference room and freeze while you listen to a boring instructor.

By the way, there are NO quizzes or tests in any part of the course.  Just sign-up, watch the videos and print your certificate.