Renew your Massachusetts real estate license online at for $45

Time to renew your real estate license?  You’ve come to the right place.  Well, almost the right place.  This is our blog and you can’t get credit here but you can at our school website,  We are a fully accredited Massachusetts board approved real estate school.

We are more than just another real estate school because we’re very proud of what we offer. Days of research and interviews of a number of certified instructors took place before we found, Michael, the one that we liked and the one we knew everyone would like. If you’re interested in reading more about us, visit us at  Michael is a broker on Newbury street in Boston. He also sounds like Mike Rowe from the Discovery channel and he’s excellent at telling stories.

When it comes to your typical “boring” continuing education course, we are not that at all.  We are real estate agents who previously took the online course from our now competitors. We were underwhelmed and disappointed by what was out there and set out to do it right by making it easy to use, enjoyable to listen to and watch, and educational.

To learn more and get started with one of our courses, visit us at