10 Reasons Real Estate Is The Career For You

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 4.32.47 PMReal estate is a great career choice that offers many unique advantages over other careers. Although the housing market is still recovering and the market isn’t yet booming, now can actually be a great time to start your career. The housing market has significantly recovered, which means it will be even better by the time you finish your training program, and you will be set up to take advantage of the market. There are many reasons why real estate is a great career choice, but here are our top ten to consider: 1. Start a new career quickly. Real estate requires training and a year long internship before you can take your own clients, but you can be making money and heading towards your new career at a speed that simply isn’t seen in other career options. 2. Be your own boss. You are in charge of your work and ultimately your success- set your own hours, take days off and vacation when you’re comfortable. 3. Work anywhere and everywhere. There is, of course, your share of paperwork and computer time you will have to put in, but much of the time you will be mobile in your vehicle and spending time with your clients. 4. Unlimited earning potential. Want to work harder and make extra money this month? You can!  It’s very difficult to become successful with a job that pays a set salary. 5. Be On the Real Estate Pulse. With the connections and expertise that you will acquire through experience, you will ultimately have an enormous leg up on advising and making your own real estate investment decisions. 6. Spend your day looking at real estate. A significant portion of your time will be spent discovering and exploring properties with clients. 7. Enjoy helping your clients. You are going to assist your clients in making one of the most significant financial decisions of their lives. Real estate is a great career for people who enjoy human connection, being trusted, and helping others. 8. Interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills, the ability to socially engage and interact with others, are the soft skills that everyone can always improve.  Dealing all day with clients and vendors will teach you a lot experience and management level skills. 9. Work in commercial or residential real estate. Although most people prefer residential work, some prefer the heavy research and high stakes of commercial real estate; just one commission from a commercial sale can rival a year or more residential sales. 10. Work in an exciting field. Real estate agents enjoy their jobs and people looking to sell and make what is usually the largest purchase of their life are exciting. While in many jobs the default atmosphere is boring or even unhappy, in real estate there is never a lack of excited and positive attitudes. Learn what you need to do to Become a Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Agent.