An Online Massachusetts Real Estate School With NO Quizzes or Tests!

no quizzesThat’s right, we think they are annoying and unnecessary too.  I’m Jeff, the owner and one of the instructors you’ll meet in our courses. Keep Me Certified, is a fully approved Massachusetts real estate school.  Since quizzes and tests are not required for online continuing education courses we simply don’t have them.  Our  Massachusetts online real estate school offers the 12- credit hours required to renew a Massachusetts real estate license. Filled with dozens of courses, our catalog covers topics ranging from Fair Housing to Zoning, Ethics, Contract Law, Commercial Real Estate, and Financing.

We can’t force you to learn, you have to want to do that on your own.  If you don’t want to learn so be it, at least pay attention to our continuing ed course videos and be done with it, but for those who are interested in learning something new, you’ve come to the right place.

You can get everything out of it or take nothing from it, the choice is yours.  Our goal is to build better training for real estate professionals, so making sure students have a good experience doesn’t just stop with better content. Our website is designed for everyone, including the tech inept. If you can use an ATM machine, you’ll be fine navigating through our video based courses.

If you need to complete your continuing ed to keep your license active, give us a try.  You can learn more, enroll and start one of our Massachusetts online ce courses today at


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