An Online Massachusetts Real Estate School With NO Quizzes or Tests!

no quizzesThat’s right, we think they’re annoying and unnecessary too.  I’m Jeff, one of the owners of Keep Me Certified, a Ma real estate school.  Since they’re not required by the board to implement we simply don’t.  Our  Massachusetts online real estate school and 12-hour license renewal course is filled with great topics, relevant facts and overall educational content.

We can’t force you to learn, you have to want to do that on your own.  If you don’t want to learn so be it, watch the course videos and be done with it but for those who are interested in learning something new that’s what we offer.

Real estate agents come in all shapes and sizes, young, old, tech savvy,  tech inept and everyone in between.  We cater to everyone because we can.

You can get everything out of it or take nothing from it, the choice is up to you.  As long as you have an enjoyable overall user experience while on our site, that’s all we strive for.

All that said, if you have to take a continuing ed course to keep your license active, give us a chance.  Yes we’re board approved and yes the credits we offer count towards your renewal.  You can find us at