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New York Online Real Estate Continuing Education

New York Real Estate Continuing Education – Online Real Estate School Student Questions New York real estate agents and brokers are required to complete 22.5 credits of continuing ed credit hours every two years. We have a lot of NY real estate agents calling and emailing us about the real estate license renewal process, so

How to Renew a New York Real Estate License

Are you a licensed New York Real Estate Agent or Broker? The purpose of this article is to cover New York Real Estate license renewal requirements, timelines, and where licensees can complete the approved mandatory and elective course topics. Real Estate License Renewal Requirements Below are the requirements that are the same for both NY

How to Renew a Rhode Island Real Estate License

This article helps simplify the process to Renew a Rhode Island real estate license. Our goal is to help Rhode Island real estate agents and brokers understand the requirements and how to renew a Rhode Island real estate license. Real Estate License Renewal Requirements Below are the requirements that are the same for both RI real

Renew your Connecticut Real Estate License Online!

With more than 20,000 real estate agents in Connecticut, we are sure you are not the only agent wondering where and if you can renew your Connecticut real estate license online.  The answer is: YES. Every two years real estate agents, salespersons and brokers must complete 12 credit hours worth of continuing education courses to keep

Fair Housing: Connecticut’s 2018 Real Estate Continuing Ed Requirement

Fair Housing CE Requirement Fair Housing is the mandatory course topic in 2018 for all Connecticut licensed real estate agents and brokers. All CT licensees are required to complete this course prior to renewing their real estate license. The renewal deadline for real estate agents is May 31, 2018 and brokers need to complete their

Cheapest Online Massachusetts Real Estate License School

Looking for the cheapest way to obtain or renew a Massachusetts real estate license? If so, you are reading the right article. To OBTAIN a Massachusetts real estate license Candidates are required to complete an approved 40-hour pre-licensure class. Keep Me Certified offers the full 40-hour course streamed live online. At the time of writing this article,

Prepare To Pass the Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam

Are you looking to take and pass the Massachusetts real estate license exam? This article is for you. Keep Me Certified is a Massachusetts licensed real estate school Based in Boston, Keep Me Certified offers the required 40-hour real estate license exam prep class to qualified candidates once per month. We are based in Boston and our

Massachusetts Real Estate License Class Online: Taught Live

September 2017 we completed our first online Massachusetts 40-hour Real Estate License course by streaming it live on Facebook. The course ran smoothly and we had great active engagement with our students. The purpose of this post is to give you insight into how Keep Me Certified prepares students to both pass the exam and proceed to have

How To Get A Massachusetts Real Estate License In September

This post explains how to get a Massachusetts real estate license this September. 1st Real Estate License Requirements: There are a few requirements all candidates must meet to see if they qualify. See if you qualify by reading How to Get a Massachusetts Real Estate License 2nd Complete Education Requirement:  The Massachusetts division of professional licensure mandates a 40-hour education

How To Get a Massachusetts Real Estate License

Massachusetts Real Estate License Requirements This article explains exactly what you need to know to get a Massachusetts Real Estate License. First, to see if you qualify to become a Massachusetts real estate agent, you must be able to answer “yes”, to these questions: 1. Are you at least 18 years old? 2. Do you