New July Online Continuing Ed Courses


July is a busy month for Massachusetts real estate agents and completing continuing ed credits is understandably not high on their priority list. In fact, if it wasn’t required by the Board of Professional licensure, most agents would wait until after their busy season to complete it.

Good news, real estate ce just got better. Keep Me Certified is a certified Massachusetts real estate school offering the full 12-credit online continuing ed course. Their online continuing ed course videos are interesting, engaging, and even educational, guaranteed with a satisfaction money back guarantee.

Keep Me Certified has two fantastic instructors, Jeff Chute and Michael Albano. Both have contributed a number of courses to our course library and the KMC team continues to release new relevant content.

There are no tests or quizzes of any kind in our Massachusetts online continuing ed course, simply watch the videos and print out your certificate, it really is that simple. To view recent student testimonials, check us out on Facebook where we regularly post feedback from our students.

To register and get started with our online continuing ed course, head over to Enjoy the course and “always be closing”.


Complete your CE with Keep Me Certified