“Oh my, it’s you, the real estate training guy!”

Real Estate TrainingMichael Albano, our real estate training instructor is recognized by thousands of real estate agents across Massachusetts. He may only personally know a few hundred but he has spent thousands of hours teaching in front of thousands of real estate students. Luckily for him, our online real estate training course is available on video so he technically hasn’t spent all that time physically in front of each student.

Michael Albano is an active real estate broker in Boston and has a number of active listings and clients that keep him busy. He has told us on multiple occasions every month he will be out on a showing and 4 to 10 times the agent representing the buyer (or seller) will shake Michaels hand and say “o my god, it’s you!” There’s more to the conversation than that but you get the idea.

Our real estate continuing ed course is well reputed and has had thousands of students complete it. It must feel nice to be a celebrity in your own industry. Do you have a story or something educational you would like to share with us? Send us your blog post or article and we will post it on our blog.

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