Online Real Estate School Reviews

There are dozens of online real estate schools that all offer online continuing ed courses and we’ve all received at least one postcard from many of them.  How do you decide which course to take?

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 6.13.47 AMThere are a number of important factors that you should consider when making your final decision:

1.  Peer reviews:  All of your colleagues are required to complete the same 12-hour course and everyone knows that nothing beats a personal referral so reach out to them and ask what they thought about their course.  Reading online reviews at places like google plus or other more credible websites can help too but shouldn’t be the only way you do research because there tends to be a lot of corrupt reviews posted on those sites.

Keep Me Certified has a lot of reviews posted all over the web.  To view them click any of the following links:

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  • -Our other blog posts– Keep Me Certified is very transparent and likes to publish most of the reviews they receive in emails from students

2.  Price:  While price is very important, you would be surprised at the ranges of prices that courses are offered.  They range from $54 to $129 for the same course.  Paying more doesn’t mean you’re getting better quality by any means.  In fact, the schools that offer a cheaper course are arguably doing a better job because they’ve found a way to offer the same course more efficiently.  For example, check out, an board certified online MA real estate school that offer continuing ed for Mass real estate agents.  Their entire 12-hour course is $55.

3.  Ease of use:  Nobody likes to go to websites that have errors, look funny and just aren’t intuitive to use.  Keep Me Certified has a very user friendly interface and their site even works on ipads, iphones and ipods.  You can even listen to the classes from your car while you’re driving.

For more information on where you can take online continuing education courses, check out the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure site or go directly to

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