The Best Online Real Estate Course in the Boston Area… according to our students

Anyone who does a decent job at what they do might think they’re the best at it (with a bit of bias). What sets the best apart from the rest is what other trusted individuals say about whatever it is that you do. We (The Keep Me Certified Team) like the “nothing beats a personal referral” model because it’s so true. Sure there’s yelp, citysearch, angie’s list etc…. but if your best friend told you how amazing the food was at a local restaurant would you even bother to look at any reviews online?

In a previous blog post I discredited online reviews by comparing them to nigerian scam artists (click here to read that article), I discredited the majority of online reviews everywhere. So what is it about us that makes us feel like we’re actually doing something right, the numbers. Our numbers don’t lie. We’ve had month over month growth since we launched our online school in January ’12 and the number of referral links sent out by our students to their co-workers has also proportionally gone up.

In the real estate education industry, it’s tough to get people to discuss their online continuing education experience with their co-workers/friends simply because there’s simply nothing “cool” about it. It’s mandated by the state and therefore it’s usually a sore subject. We do our best to promote conversation amongst our current/previous students and their co-workers but at the end of the day, our reputation is in their hands. That said, if you’re reading this article and you had not previously heard about us from a co-worker or friend, please reach out to them and ask them for feedback from their continuing ed experience.

Thank you to everyone who has “put in a good word” for us with their co-workers and colleagues. Without their help we wouldn’t be doing nearly as well as we are today!