“…the best online real estate school at the cheapest price with superb customer service”- A Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate student

We’re in the business of education, not bragging, but with a quote like that for a title what’s the point of writing anything more?

We, Dealroom Partners, the group that owns Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate, have confirmed by feedback from our users that we are on to something big.  Customer service, user experience and quality education aren’t the only important business principles that the Dealroom Partners dream about at night.

We’ve learned that our customers are price elastic.  In English this means that regardless of how good of a website we offer and how engaging our videos are, real estate agents (in general) will still go to the lowest cost provider.  We’re not calling our students cheap, rather we like and prefer them to be educated.  We think everyone should shop around, search for a better looking website, a lower cost course or even a better instructor.  If you find another site that you think or heard is better, let us know because we want to be the best at what we do and if someone is doing it better, that means we’re not doing it good enough!

Dealroom Partners built our own proprietary learning platform and that means we don’t have to pay any third party fees to keep the site up and running.  With lower operating expenses we’ve chosen to pass those savings on to our students by offering the best price out there.  We’re proud to say that Keepmecertified.com offers the highest quality educational experience at the lowest price.   

What more can real estate agents and brokers ask for?  KeepMeCertified allows agents to complete their 12 credit hours for continuing education at home, at work, on the road and they can even use our site on some smartphones and tablets too.  We recently had a user complete their continuing education on a transatlantic flight using their laptop connected to the airplanes wi-fi.

Our instructor, Michael Albano hasn’t won any official awards for his performance but if you take just a minute and listen to any one of the videos on our site, Keepmecertified.com we’re sure he’ll win you over. Click here, to watch our promo video

Here are a few additional quotes from other students who have been kind enough to send in their feedback:

–   “Thanks for the quick reply.” –Joseph

–  “Thanks so much I will be sure to recommend KeepMeCertified to anyone that I know who needs CE hours. Thanks again”- Matt

–  “I thought the fellow teaching the class was very good, good  knowledge of the material & presented it well ..I have taken many CE classes in the past this was my first time on line” – Robert

–  “It was a very good experience and would recommend it to others.”- Carole

–  “The instructor was actually enjoyable to listen to, the site looks great and I actually listened to the entire thing”- David


We know we’re not perfect so it’s not just about the videos and the price.  We understand people will email us with questions, concerns and even some times complaints.  Our equally most important and best offering is our customer service.  We can’t say that we’ll send you flowers on your birthday like the guys over at Zappos but we do promise to get back to you quicker than you expect along with promptly following through with anything your bring to our attention.   Chances are that there is someone in your office who has already used us to complete their continuing ed so if you don’t believe us, ask your colleagues.

Take a look at our site, KeepMeCertified.com, and if you are a Massachusetts real estate agent whose license is expiring soon, we hope you consider taking our course.