Want to be a real estate agent in Massachusetts?

real estate agentInterested in becoming a real estate agent?

Become a Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Agent and prepare to take the exam with our 40-hour course.  All candidates to become real estate agents are required to complete an approved 40 credit hour course.  Our classroom is located in Somerville, MA and Michael Albano, our instructor, teaches two classes per month.

Each 40-hour class is spread out over four 10-hour days that each begin at 9am.  There are Sat/Sunday classes that meet 2 weekends in a row and there is a Tues/Thursday class that also meets 2 weeks in a row.

Michael Albano has helped 1,000’s of agents prepare and pass the exam.  He is an active broker who has been practicing in the field for 20+ years and loves to inject his personal stories in to the curriculum to help students better understand and remember some of the material that candidates need to know during the studying and exam prep period.

To learn more about us or to reserve your seat in an upcoming class, go to keepmecertified.com and click the “get licensed” link at the top of our page!  Enjoy the course and we look forward to meeting you!