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Our 40-hour pre-licensure class fulfills your education requirement and prepares you to take and pass the exam!

Tuition: $350 (includes course textbook and 6 months of access to 18+ hours of online review videos)

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Class Description

Our 40-hour pre-licensure class is approved and certified by the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure. It fulfills your education requirement and prepares you to take and pass the exam like no other course!

Also included in the class…

  • One course textbook which compliments the topics taught and very valuable to review with prior to the test
  • 1/2-price repeat classes, space permitting, if you do not test within 2 years of taking your class
  • The opportunity to be hired with full tuition reimbursement by Michael’s office
  • 6 months of free online review videos taught by Michael
  • A casual and friendly atmosphere in a class with up to 25 students
  • Free parking all day and very convenient access to PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION


1. Approaching the Real Estate Examination
A discussion of strategies to help students prepare for and pass the test.

2. Property
A discussion of the characteristics, definitions, ownership of real and personal property as well the various rights and restrictions there are in connection with the ownership of real property.

3. Estates
A discussion of the different types of estates, various limitations on them, how they are created and transferred.

4. Condos, Coops, Timeshares
A discussion of the characteristics of different forms of property ownership.

5. Leasing
A discussion of the nature and characteristics of the residential and commercial property leasing business.

6. Deeds
A discussion of the various issues surrounding the nature, meaning, and transfer of title to real estate.

7. Real Estate Contracts
A discussion of the nature, meaning, and key characteristics of the many different contracts used in connection with all variety of real estate transactions.

8. Financing
A discussion of the mortgage lending environment, including the process of obtaining a mortgage loan, and the nature of, and relationship between the primary and secondary mortgage markets.

9. Agency Law
A discussion of the relationships between real estate brokers/agents, and real estate consumers.

10. Brokerage Operations
A discussion of the relationship between brokers and their agents, including issues of how, when, and why compensation is earned in the real estate business.

11. Real Estate Value & Appraising
A discussion of the core principles and various methods of estimating the value of real property.

12. Fair Housing & Consumer Protection
A discussion of the history of housing discrimination and the federal and state which laws which have been enacted to protect consumers from it.

13. Environmental Protection
A discussion of the nature and characteristics of the various environmental issues confronting owners of real property and the state and federal laws enacted to protect the environment.

14. Massachusetts License Law & Real Estate Ethics
A discussion of Massachusetts state laws and the code of ethics governing the practice of real estate.

Class/School Questions

Yes, we are an approved school. A copy of our school certificate is available on this page and you can find our school name, Keep Me Certified, listed on the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensures’ website.
The class is 40 hours long and is separated in to 4 ten-hour days, each beginning at 9am. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the first session.
This class is not supposed to resemble a prison experience. There are plenty of breaks during the day and even though lunch is not included in the course there are a number of good lunch options located nearby, only a short (1-3 minute walk) distance from the classroom.
You will receive a course textbook upon arriving for the first session of the course. The book is a great resource that compliments the topics taught by Michael and will prove to be even more valuable when prepping for the exam. The cost of the book is included in the course fee.
You are required by the Board of Professional Licensure to attend all 40 hours of class time. If you cannot attend one of the sessions then you should consider signing up for a different course schedule we offer that better fits your availability.
The address of the classroom is 490 Broadway, Somerville MA 02143. When you Google this address it will come up as Metropolitan Boston Real Estate which is an office owned by Michael (with signage that says Metropolitan Boston Real Estate) he converted in to a classroom where all classes are taught.

Online Continuing Education Class

Already licensed? Take our 12-hour online continuing Ed Course! There are no quizzes or tests and you can watch the videos at your own pace. Click, Watch, Done… it’s that easy.

How the Class Works

All classes begin at 9am in Michael’s Somerville location at 490 Broadway. Please be prepared for 4 ten-hour days. In our Class Schedules section you will find different sessions to choose from. To satisfy the Board’s pre-licensure requirements, candidates are required to attend all class sessions. Upon completing the class, you will receive a stamped booklet that certifies completion of your pre-licensure education. Then study and pass the exam!

About our Instructor, Michael Albano

Michael is a Certified Real Estate Instructor and a seasoned broker/owner on Newbury Street in Boston, with a second office in Somerville that doubles as his classroom for pre-licensure courses. He is an MA Board of Real Estate Certified Real Estate Instructor who has owned his own brokerage and managed deals in the trenches for 15+ years. He genuinely enjoys teaching, and never passes on the opportunity to enhance his lectures with real stories from his prior experience.

What Others Say About Us…

“This course took me by surprise. I can actually say I enjoyed it and learned a lot. You can tell how much Michael enjoys teaching. Thank you!” -Mieka L

“Excellent job! I wish Michael could teach all of my future courses. Never thought I would actually be interested in really listening.” -Jen W

…and a few words about our Online Continuing Ed course

“I would highly recommend to anyone! It beats going to live classes 100%…Glad I chose to select the Internet module – nice addition & extremely interesting…I will highly recommend this site…tks!” -Mary

“Great job, Mike, never thought that I would even want to take a course “on line” as I always enjoyed the classroom. However, your delivery of the material is excellent. You make some dry stuff actually sounds fairly interesting!!” -Marge

To read more reviews, check out our blog and our facebook page!

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