Our Journey

In 2010 the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure finally approved online continuing education for real estate agents and brokers. At the time, everyone who knew about this new opportunity was thrilled.

Here we are, six years later, and a handful of online schools now offer real estate continuing education, clearly a convenient alternative to the in-the-classroom setting. What makes us different? The truth is, we want to raise the bar for online education. We’ve all experienced or heard stories from friends and co-workers about when they took an online continuing ed course and how terrible yet convenient it was. We agree, everything we’ve seen out there is terrible, yet convenient. Here’s what we’re doing about it.

We managed to forget everything we saw and heard about online continuing ed and started from scratch. In every decision we made, we asked ourselves “is this how our users would want it?” If we answered no, we scratched that entire plan. We kept plugging away until we came up with what we believe is the best online continuing ed experience out there.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring interesting, engaging and affordable Real Estate education to agents, salespersons and brokers in Massachusetts, to fulfill their license requirements and raise the standard of education across the industry.

Why we started

Keep Me Certified was started by a Massachusetts real estate agent, Jeff Weiss who just couldn’t take one more of those dreadful live classes. Staring at the classroom clock as the seconds tick off just isn’t our idea of a fun weekend. We are betting that you, our colleagues, might also be looking for a dynamic alternative to the same-old, same-old.

We Crave Your Feedback

We’re here to partner with you to create a more enjoyable experience. Take our continuing education course and tell us how to make it better. Let your imagination run wild and recommend other classes you would like us to create. If you have other radical ideas for how we can make you a happier better educated agent, please drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you. - Jeff Weiss

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