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Each of our New Jersey approved continuing ed course topics fulfills two credit hours. Students have access to the course for 6 months from the date they register and can start and stop at their convenience. Renewing a license with KMC is as easy as 1-2-3.

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Spring Special: $10 per two credit course or $45 for the full twelve.

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We are very proud of the experience we designed for you. If for any reason you are less than satisfied with our course, we will refund your full fee and close your account. Understandably, we cannot refund your fee if we have already sent your certificate.

New Jersey Real Estate Continuing Education Course Topics

Internet and Technology

Fair Housing - Core

2 Credit Hours

Students are taught New Jersey licensee requirements and the knowledge necessary to work with clients in a protected class.

Internet and Technology

Code of Ethics - Core

2 Credit Hours

This course is approved by NAR and discusses new, updated and existing ethics guidelines and procedures for real estate professionals.

Internet and Technology

Real Estate Tech Today

2 Credit Hours

This course discusses the internal strategies and various ways that technology has affected both the industry and individual agent.

Internet and Technology

Working with Buyers - Core

2 Credit Hours

This module focuses on the acceptance and integration of internet and technology in to the lives of real estate agents and across the industry.

Internet and Technology

Working with Sellers - Core

2 Credit Hours

This module focuses on the acceptance and integration of internet and technology in to the lives of real estate agents and across the industry.

Internet and Technology

Understanding the Appraisal

2 Credit Hours

This module focuses on the acceptance and integration of internet and technology in to the lives of real estate agents and across the industry.

Our Instructor is Excellent.

Terry Hastings has been in the real estate trenches for more than 25 years. Terry has worked with thousands of clients and trained more than 10,000 real estate agents and brokers. Nearly 15 years ago Terry’s focus shifted from the brokerage to the finance side of the transaction. Terry is an excellent continuing ed instructor and enjoys including many of his personal experiences in to his online video based courses.

Terry Hasting, Keep Me Certified instructor

Terry Hastings


Jeff Weiss


About Us

Keep Me Certified is a real estate school that launched in 2012 by Jeff Weiss, a Massachusetts real estate agent. Jeff was underwhelmed by existing continuing education offerings so he decided to do it better. Better technology, better quality videos, and a better experience for real estate agents. Five years later and Keep Me Certified is one of the fastest growing real estate schools having trained more than 15,000 real estate agents. In the fall of 2015 Keep Me Certified expanded in to Connecticut and has plans to enter additional states very soon.

Browse our site, take a continuing ed course, and let us know your thoughts. We appreciate any constructive feedback as it is the best way we can improve!

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You have questions? We have answers.

Yes, Keep Me Certified is a certified real estate school in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

You can register for any number of continuing ed credit hours that you need at registration.

Yes, our system remembers where you leave off so you can pick back up at a later time. You also have the ability to fast forward and rewind within the portion of a video that you have already seen.

Within 10 minutes of completing a course topic there will be a link to your certificate available in our classroom and a copy will automatically be emailed to you. Occasionally the email containing the certificate is filtered to your spam folder so be sure to check there too.

We take many of the same security measures as major online retailers to ensure the security of your credit card number. Our website is delivered over https which is a secure transfer protocol. We also do not store credit card numbers on our servers.

This page contains the most commonly asked questions by our students. You can always reach us through our livechat feature located in the bottom right corner of every page. We will respond to you as soon as we can..

In the top right corner of every page, click the green “login” button. If you are already logged in then the box will show "Log out".

Yes, you can watch on your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices too. Make sure you have a strong internet/data connection.

Try refreshing the page. If you are on a PC, push control f5 (the f5 key at the top of your keyboard) and start the video again. Our system will remember where you left off but in the case that it doesn't pick up where you left off, you can fast forward to where you were.

This probably means your internet connection dropped for a moment and the video feed stopped coming to your device. Generally this is a "self-healing" process, but if it does not fix itself you can refresh the page and even fast forward back to where you left off. If you are using a pc, the best way to refresh the page is by hitting control f5 on your keyboard, that does a full refresh on your browser. To fast forward, you can click on the "progress" bar located in the video player. If you continue to have trouble, you can always reach out to us.

Each time you log in to the course there is a 1.5 minute instructional video you can watch and reference as many times as you need. Upon completing each topic a certificate will be emailed to you and a link to it will also be available in the course library.

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