3 Reasons to Complete Real Estate Continuing Education Online

3 fingersThe real estate market is heating up, and this means that thousands of Massachusetts real estate agents are looking to complete their continuing education requirements.  Agents must take 12 hours of continuing ed classes every two years to maintain their active real estate license. The physical classrooms will be crowded, in a hotel conference room far away and the times classes are offered may not be convenient for you.  Here are three reasons why now might be the time to consider an online real estate course.

1. You can take your continuing ed credits when it is convenient for you. Keep Me Certified is a unique Massachusetts real estate school that offers board-certified classes through high-definition videos online.

2. You can choose whatever course topics interest you without worrying about where the course is located. You can complete our courses on your computer, on your iPhone and your tablets. We offer a real estate license renewal class online, including the NAR Code of Ethics that many agents who are members of local and national real estate associations are required to complete.

3. You can afford our Massachusetts real estate training. Classes at other schools can cost over $100. Our 12-hour course at Keep Me Certified is competitively priced.

For more information about our board certified MA real estate school, visit our website at keepmecertified.com


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