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How To Contact The New Jersey Real Estate Commission

As a New Jersey real estate school, we frequently get asked how to contact the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, and many times licensees call us thinking we are the NJ Real Estate Commission. We’re not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help point you in the right direction. The NJ Real Estate Commission oversees

NEW Massachusetts Agency Relationships Disclosure Form

Every state requires real estate licensees to provide consumers with a Consumer Relationship Disclosure Form (aka Agency Relationship Disclosure). Massachusetts recently (September 2021) made a significant update to their form, but its release was not well publicized leaving many real estate agents and their brokers unaware. Here is a link to the new version of

Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam Practice Tests

Keep Me Certified now offers a 700+ question test bank of multiple choice questions with answers and explanations to help candidate prepare to pass the Massachusetts real estate license exam on the first try.. There are many ways to prepare for the exam after completing an approved 40-hour Massachusetts real estate license exam prep course.

PSI Testing Locations in Massachusetts for the Real Estate License Exam

There are 12 PSI testing locations across Massachusetts and you can now take the Massachusetts real estate license exam from the comfort of your home! In this article we explain the steps to getting approved to take the Massachusetts real estate exam...

How to Renew a New York Real Estate License in 2021 [New Rules]

[Click here for 2022 Updates] To renew your real estate license in the State of New York, you are required to complete a few steps. In this article, you will learn about the new real estate license renewal regulations applicable to all New York real estate licensees, specifically the new continuing ed requirements and everything

Massachusetts Real Estate License PSI Candidate Handbook Explained

The Massachusetts real estate license candidate handbook is provided by Keep Me Certified to each of our students upon their successful completion of our 40-hour Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam Prep course. The purpose of the Massachusetts Candidate Handbook is to provide candidates with all the information they need to prepare, schedule, and take the

How to Check the Status of a Massachusetts Real Estate License Online

  Want to check the status of your or someone else’s Massachusetts real estate license? This post explains exactly how anyone can check the status of a Massachusetts real estate license. Whether you are a real estate agent or broker, or your license is active, expired, or inactive, all licensees are kept in a central

How to Renew a New York Real Estate License Online

Tags: Real Estate Continuing Education NY – Renewing a New York Real Estate License With over 100,000 licensed real estate agents and brokers in New York, you are not the only real estate agent wondering where and if you can renew your real estate license online. The short answer is YES, you can! Every two

Cheapest Online Massachusetts Real Estate License School

Looking for the cheapest way to obtain or renew a Massachusetts real estate license? If so, you are reading the right article. To OBTAIN a Massachusetts real estate license Candidates are required to complete an approved 40-hour pre-licensure class. Keep Me Certified offers the full 40-hour course streamed online. The current cost of our online course (September

Real Estate Courses in Massachusetts

There are 3 different types of real estate courses in Massachusetts.  The first type of real estate course is the real estate salesperson exam prep class.  This class qualifies candidates with the required 40-course credits needed to be eligible to sit for the exam.  Classes are generally broken in to four 10-hour days and cover all