How To Contact The New Jersey Real Estate Commission

As a New Jersey real estate school, we frequently get asked how to contact the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, and many times licensees call us thinking we are the NJ Real Estate Commission. We’re not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help point you in the right direction. The NJ Real Estate Commission oversees all real estate licensee activities. Most answers to licensee questions are already answered on the NJ REC website (links below), so be sure to check there first. It may be more efficient than waiting on hold. Below are helpful links and contact details:

New Jersey Real Estate Commission website.

New Jersey Real Estate Commission mailing address and offices here:

For general questions or help with renewing your real estate license online via the New Jersey elicense portal, call the real estate division here. We recommend calling first thing in the morning before “the line” gets too long.

NJ Real Estate Commission email:

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