RI Real Estate April 30 Continuing Ed Deadline – Here’s What is Required To Renew in 2024

With the April 30, 2024 continuing education deadline approaching fast, we are receiving an uptick in questions from Rhode Island real estate licensees regarding their requirements to renew their real estate license this year. We previously wrote an article titled Rhode Island Real Estate Continuing Education for 2024 and are writing again to answer additional questions still trickling in to our support team.

Here is a short summary of the continuing ed requirements to renew for the current 2024 renewal cycle:

  • 24 Credits of approved continuing ed by April 30, 2024. Ensure the school and its courses are approved by RI DBR. Here is a link to the list of approved CE courses as of Feb 8, 2024. Keep Me Certified is a fully approved school and each of our courses offered through our RI school are individually approved.
  • Nine of the 24 credits must be categorized as CORE. At least three of the nine CORE must be on the topic of Fair Housing.
  • You can do more than nine CORE but you cannot complete less than nine.

How do you know whether a course is categorized as CORE or Elective? Good question. We wrote an article about that here, but generally the school will tell you which courses have been approved as CORE vs elective. For more information or to contact RI DBR directly, visit their website here.

Keep Me Certified offers a 24 credit package that exceeds the minimum requirements to renew – including the mandatory Fair Housing course.

Our video based courses are accessible 24/7 and you can stop and start at your convenience. Our system will remember where you leave off. You do not need a camera or Zoom to complete your continuing ed at Keep Me Certified. Our courses are asynchronous (on-demand).

Don’t wait until April 29th to enroll and get started. It takes approximately 24 hours to complete 24 credits, so get started today.



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