Rhode Island Real Estate Core and Elective Continuing Ed Course Requirements Explained

Rhode Island Core vs elective topicsRhode Island Real Estate Core and Elective Continuing Ed Renewal Requirements

Every two years on even numbered years, all RI real estate licensees need to complete 24 hours of approved continuing ed credits. There are additional requirements contained within those 24 hours, some that went into effect back on Jan 1, 2022.

What is a CORE continuing ed topic?

A minimum of 9 credit hours must be completed in CORE topics. Included in these 9 CORE credits must be 3 hours of Fair Housing. The 6 remaining CORE credits must come from any of the following subject areas as outlined in 230-RICR-30-20-2.30 in the state regulations:

  • Rhode Island law defining relationships between licensees and consumers;
  • Rhode Island law pertaining to real estate licensure;
  • Rhode Island landlord-tenant law;
  • The law of contracts;
  • Federal, Rhode Island, and local law pertaining to fair housing and the treatment of any individual in a protected class as designated in the Rhode Island Fair Housing Practices Act, R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 34-37;
  • Lead hazard mitigation or other environmental issues pertaining to real property;
  • Local ordinances and Regulations pertaining to residential real estate;
  • Financing the purchase of real estate;
  • Ethical considerations in real estate transactions; or
  • Coastal real estate, wetlands, flood plains and sea-rise.

What is an Elective continuing ed topic?

In addition to the 9 CORE credits, 15 credits worth of elective credits must be completed. More than 9 Core credits can be completed, but no less than 9 Core can be completed. An Elective topic can be any course that has been approved for continuing ed by the RI DBR.

Who is exempt from completing CE?

Rhode Island Real Estate Attorney’s in good standing are exempt from completing continuing education. Also, licensees who hold a valid license originally issued prior to December 12, 1984 do not need to complete continuing ed to satisfy the renewal requirement

Where can I complete CORE and Elective continuing ed courses?

All continuing ed courses can be completed online (self-paced), live-virtual (eg Zoom) or in a physical classroom location. Rhode Island real estate continuing ed courses are not mandated to be completed live.

Keep Me Certified is a fully approved Rhode Island real estate school…

Keep Me Certified offers the full 24 credits online, including the Fair Housing and all CORE credits necessary to satisfy the Rhode Island education requirement to renew a RI real estate license. All Keep Me Certified courses are comprised of videos with periodic multiple choice assessments. Each course can be stopped and started anytime, 24/7.

Below is a list of Keep Me Certified’s approved courses with their respective CORE/Elective designations.

  1. Fair Housing (3 CORE)
  2. Understanding the Appraisal (3 CORE)
  3. Financing a Home: The New Rules (3 CORE)
  4. Financing a Home: Personal Credit (3 CORE)
  5. Code of Ethics (3 CORE)
  6. Real Estate Technology (2 Elective)
  7. Real Estate Obstacles (3 Elective)
  8. Intro to Commercial Real Estate (3 Elective)
  9. Real Estate Safety (2 Elective)
  10. Cultural Competency (2 Elective)
  11. Implicit Bias (2 Elective)

Keep Me Certified’s 24 credit package includes courses listed above. It’s also worth noting that our 24 credit package offered on our website exceeds the 9 credit minimum CORE requirement.

To learn more and get started, visit us at keepmecertified.com

Where do I renew my RI Real Estate License Online?

Once you have completed all of the continuing ed credits you need, renew your Rhode Island real estate license and pay the renewal fee directly through Rhode Island’s elicensing portal.


Complete your CE with Keep Me Certified