2022-24 Connecticut Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

2022-2024 Connecticut Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

The current 2022-2024 renewal cycle for Connecticut real estate brokers and salespersons has new requirements and deadlines that we explain in this post.

What are the real estate license renewal requirements for Connecticut licensees during the 2022-2024 cycle?

All continuing ed credits must be completed 90 days prior to a license expiring. This is a NEW requirement.

Brokers must complete their continuing ed by September 1 of even numbered years.
Broker real estate licenses expire on November 30 of even numbered years.

Salespersons must complete their continuing ed by March 1 of even numbered years.
Salesperson real estate licenses expire on May 31 of even numbered years.

What is the mandatory continuing ed course for the 2022-2024 renewal cycle?

2022-2024 Connecticut Real Estate License Renewal RequirementsThe mandatory continuing ed course for all Connecticut licensees to complete during the 2022-2024 renewal cycle is titled “CT Real Estate Agency Law“. This is a three credit-hour course that is approved to be taught live, live-online, AND asynchronous (on-demand). You may recall the previous mandatory course (Understanding and Preventing Racial Bias in Real Estate), produced by CTR, was required to be taught live only. This is NOT the case for the current mandatory course. This course can be completed in an online self-paced format. Keep Me Certified offers this course in a self-paced online video format.

Here are the topics covered in the CT Real Estate Agency Law curriculum:

  1. CT License renewal requirements
  2. Agency
  3. Escalation Clauses
  4. Buyer Love letters
  5. Audio/Video Surveillance Laws
  6. Real Estate Licensees
  7. Real Estate Teams
  8. Advertising Laws

Licensees are still required to complete 12 credit hours, which means the remaining nine can be comprised of elective topics.

Who produced the curriculum for the CT Real Estate Agency Law course?

A panel of industry experts across Connecticut was assembled by UCONN. They met numerous times over a period of months and the final curriculum approved by the Connecticut Real Estate Commission at the beginning of November 2022.

What are the important dates for the current 2022-2024 real estate license renewal cycle?

Salespersons: 6/1/22 – 5/31/24 – complete CE before 3/1/24
Brokers: 4/1/22 – 11/30/24 – complete CE before 9/1/24

Who is exempt from completing continuing ed?

You are exempt from completing CE only if you passed a CT real estate license exam during the current renewal period. Note: they use the date of your licensing exam, NOT the date your license was issued.

Do referral agents need to complete continuing ed?

Yes, if you hold an active Connecticut real estate license and you intend to keep it active, you must complete the required continuing ed credits during the renewal cycle.

Where can I complete the CT Real Estate Agency Law course online?

Keep Me Certified is a fully approved online real estate school by the CT DCP (license # RCE.0555). We offer all 12 credits, including the CT Real Estate Agency Law course, online through our website – keepmecertified.com. Each of our CT approved elective courses are taught with local experts who live and work in Connecticut. You can enroll in our full 12 credit package or a-la-carte in the courses you need.



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