How to Schedule the Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam [Updated 2022]

real estate exam dateScheduling and taking the Massachusetts real estate exam is overwhelming for some but should be (and is) a very simple process. Over the years the process has changed and this article has been updated to reflect the latest process.

Candidates must first complete an approved 40-hour real estate license exam prep course. Upon completing this course from a qualified school, the school will provide you with a Candidate Handbook. This Candidate Handbook contains all of the information you need and want to know about scheduling the exam. There are instructions and even a test topic outline.

Importantly, one of the forms gets signed and stamped with the official school stamp confirming your completion. Another form must be signed in the presence of a notary.

Testing can now be done in one of the 12+ testing centers across the state or can also be taken online from the comfort of your home. To take the test online there are a number of requirements such as the need to have a working camera and microphone. You also need to be in a room that does not allow for any distractions.

First you need to fill out and submit the necessary forms to PSI, the company that proctors the exam both online and in their testing location. They are the only company contracted by the state to offer the exam. You have the option to submit your completed handbook via snail mail (USPS) or we recommend you scan and digitally submit it to the email address provided on the front cover of the Handbook. We recommend digital submission so it gets there immediately and there is no chance of it getting lost in the mail.

It typically takes 2-5 weeks for PSI to review a Candidate Handbook. They also have a CORI (background) check run. If everything looks good and comes back clean PSI will reach out to you with instructions to schedule your exam. If your CORI check comes back with a history, the Mass real estate board will review your application on a case by case basis and make a determination on whether you are eligible to obtain a real estate license. That process could and usually does extend your application review/approval process.

Once you receive approval to take the Massachusetts real estate exam, you can typically find and schedule an available testing time within a few days.

Immediately upon completing the Massachusetts real estate license exam you will find out if you passed.  Congratulations, you are now a board certified real estate agent and it’s time to officially begin your new real estate career!

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