How to Schedule the Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam

real estate exam dateScheduling and taking the Massachusetts real estate exam is overwhelming for some but should be and is a very simple process.  Click here to schedule your exam date. Let’s start with scheduling an exam date.  There are a couple of testing centers across the Commonwealth where you can take the exam.  To see and available time-slots, click here.

You will be informed of all the requirements by the testing company so if anything in this article is unclear, don’t panic.   When you show up to take the exam make sure you have at least 2 forms of identification and you bring the stamped pamphlet you received when you completed the exam prep course.

Upon completing the exam you will find out immediately if you passed.  Congratulations, you are now a board certified real estate agent and it’s time to officially begin a career in real estate!

Looking for a real estate job in Boston?  Keep Me Certified is connected with many reputable brokerages in and around the greater Boston area.  If you took our pre-licensure exam prep course we would be happy to help connect you with them.

Best of luck and when it comes time to renew your real estate license (every 2 years), Keep Me Certified also offers the 12-hour continuing ed course online where you complete the credits you need at your convenience.