Real Estate Courses in Massachusetts

real estate course in ma

There are 3 different types of real estate courses in Massachusetts.  The first type of real estate course is the real estate salesperson exam prep class.  This class qualifies candidates with the required 40-course credits needed to be eligible to sit for the exam.  Classes are generally broken in to four 10-hour days and cover all of the important topics that a new real estate agent should be familiar with.  These real estate classes are generally offered over two weekends or two consecutive sets of weekdays (ie Tuesday-Thursday).

Keep Me Certified offers the real estate salesperson course in Somerville twice a month.  For more information on the course schedule and realtime availability, see our “Get Licensed” website.  All pre-licensure real estate courses are held at our classroom in Somerville that has free parking and is easily accessible via public transit.  Upon completing our real estate course, you will be eligible to sit for the exam.  Click here for instructions on how to schedule an exam date.

The second type of course in Massachusetts is real estate continuing education.  Every two years licensed real estate agents need to complete 12 hours of continuing ed.  This real estate course can be completed in a classroom or online.   Keep Me Certified offers an intuitive, educational, and online continuing ed course that has no quizzes or tests required to complete the course.

Experienced real estate agents with 3 years of active experience are eligible to become a licensed real estate broker which means they can work for themselves or open their own real estate brokerage.  The course is very similar to the pre-licensure exam prep class but is not offered as frequently due to lower demand.  For more information about this real estate course, contact your local school for schedules and rates.

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