How to Renew Your Massachusetts Real Estate License Online in 2023

In this post we explain how to renew a Massachusetts real estate license in 2023. The rules, what’s new, and where you can complete the credits you need. In 2023 the rules were largely the same, but the process changed slightly. First let’s start with a recap of the license renewal rules.

Real Estate License Renewal Rules
To maintain an active real estate license in Massachusetts, you must complete 12 hours of continuing ed. These 12 hours can be completed at any point during the two year renewal cycle. Real Estate licenses expire every two years on the licensee’s birthday. For example, if your license expires on August 12, 2023, 12 hours of continuing ed must be completed between August 13, 2021 and August 12, 2023. You do not need to wait until the week before you license expires to complete all 12 hours. Any additional credits (above 12) completed in the same renewal renewal cycle cannot be carried forward and applied to the next cycle.

Where Can I Complete Continuing Education Credits For My Massachusetts Real Estate License?
Continuing Education credits can be completed in a classroom or online (zoom or on-demand). Credits can be completed whenever the course is being offered from anywhere in the world. Only real estate schools approved by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure (aka The Real Estate Commission) can authorize a real estate school to operate in Massachusetts.

Keep Me Certified is a fully approved online Massachusetts real estate school. We offer a full catalog of approved continuing ed courses needed to renew a Massachusetts real estate license.

Real Estate License Reactivation Requirements
In Massachusetts a license can be renewed as inactive every two years which indicates the license is being maintained however the licensee is not actively conducting business. To reinstate an inactive real estate license back to active status, a licensee needs to complete 12 hours of continuing ed, complete and submit this reactivation form. Instructions are on the form.

What changed in 2023 when renewing a Massachusetts real estate license?
In the past it was sufficient to login to the eplace portal and check the “I completed the required ce” box as you renewed your license. In 2023 the renewal process is more involved. Licensees are required to upload information about the school and courses they completed. Below are two annotated screenshots from inside the portal highlighting the changes.

New step (on the attestation screen)

New step part 2 (once you click the blue “add a row” button from the screenshot above):

All of the information you need to renew should be on the certificate you earned from the school you attended. Keep Me Certified includes all of this information on our certificates and we allow students to download unlimited copies of their certificates if they lose or misplace them.

Fees to Renew a Massachusetts Real Estate License

  • Salesperson Renewal: $103
  • Broker Renewal: $142

How To Obtain Your Record ID and Authorization Code

Click here and insert the requested information.

How To Access The Massachusetts Eplace Portal

Click here to access the eplace portal. For technical assistance in using the eplace portal, please call the ePLACE Help Desk Team at (844)-733-7522 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Click here for instructions to use the eplace portal.

If this is your first time using the eplace portal (your first renewal cycle), here are instructions to create your account.

Complete 12 Hours of Continuing Education Online

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