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Where can I read online reviews for Keep Me Certified?

Keep Me Certified is a board certified online real estate school for 10+ years. From launching in Massachusetts back in 2012, Keep Me Certified has since expanded to more than 10 states. Over the years, Keep Me Certified has accumulated more than 300 public reviews from students (licensees) across the country. Where can I find

How to Renew a Rhode Island Real Estate License [Updated for 2024]

This article helps simplify the process to Renew a Rhode Island real estate license. Our goal is to help Rhode Island real estate agents and brokers understand the requirements and how to renew a Rhode Island real estate license.

How to Renew Your Massachusetts Real Estate License Online in 2023

In this post we explain how to renew a Massachusetts real estate license in 2023. The rules, what’s new, and where you can complete the credits you need. In 2023 the rules were largely the same, but the process changed slightly. First let’s start with a recap of the license renewal rules. Real Estate License

The New NY Real Estate License Renewal Requirements as of September 21, 2022

There have been a series of regulatory updates for New York real estate licensees over the past two years. The new and current rules that apply to ALL New York real estate licensees (brokers and salespersons) on/after September 21, 2022 are as follows. This means if your real estate license expires on or after September

Understanding and Preventing Racial Bias in Real Estate – Online Continuing Ed Course

Keep Me Certified is fully approved by CT DCP to teach the Racial Bias course in an on demand self-paced format to satisfy the current mandatory CT continuing ed requirement...

Is New York DOS Requesting Copies of Your Continuing Ed Certificates?

This article is specifically for New York real estate brokers and salespersons who received an email from NY DOS requesting copies of their credits be submitted. There are two reasons that you may be requested to supply the NY DOS with copies of your certificates. The second reason is more common than the first, but

Rhode Island Real Estate Core and Elective Continuing Ed Course Requirements Explained

Rhode Island Real Estate Core and Elective Continuing Ed Renewal Requirements Every two years on even numbered years, all RI real estate licensees need to complete 24 hours of approved continuing ed credits. There are additional requirements contained within those 24 hours, some that went into effect as recent as Jan 1, 2022. For our

How to Renew a New York Real Estate License in 2022 [New Rules]

In March, the NY DOS sent out an email to all licensees, which we have included at the bottom of this post. The new requirements for 2022 do not take effect until September 21, 2022. So if your current real estate license expires before September 21, 2022, nothing has changed for you, yet. If you

Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam Practice Tests

Keep Me Certified now offers a 700+ question test bank of multiple choice questions with answers and explanations to help candidate prepare to pass the Massachusetts real estate license exam on the first try.. There are many ways to prepare for the exam after completing an approved 40-hour Massachusetts real estate license exam prep course.

PSI Testing Locations in Massachusetts for the Real Estate License Exam

There are 12 PSI testing locations across Massachusetts and you can now take the Massachusetts real estate license exam from the comfort of your home! In this article we explain the steps to getting approved to take the Massachusetts real estate exam...