Understanding and Preventing Racial Bias in Real Estate – Online Continuing Ed Course

Understanding and Preventing Racial Bias in Real Estate Continuing Ed Course

Keep Me Certified offers this course as one of the current 2020-2022 mandatory continuing ed courses for Connecticut Real Estate Salespersons and Brokers. We offer this course in an online self paced format – just like the rest of our continuing education course catalog.

Self paced on demand course!

No need to hold your license up to the camera at the beginning of the course for the rest of the class to see. In fact, there is no need for a camera at all. Simply watch, complete, and print out your certificate.

If you read our post outlining the current 2022 CT Real Estate License Renewal Requirements, you know there are two mandatory continuing ed courses for the current renewal cycle, each worth three credits. Keep Me Certified has been approved to teach both the CT RE Law mandatory course and the Understanding and Preventing Real Estate Bias course.

Our Preventing Racial Bias course is CT DCP approved!

On April 14, 2022 The Connecticut Real Estate Commission met, discussed our submitted course application and outline, and voted to approve our course to satisfy the second mandatory course requirement. Further, our course is approved to be taught in an asynchronous (self paced) format. You can stop and start whenever you’d like, 24/7 – just be sure to complete the credits you need before your license expires.

At the time of writing this post (April 2022), we are unaware of any other school or provider that is permitted to deliver a Mandatory Bias course in this format.

Other schools charge as much as $49 for this course…

Keep Me Certified offers our Understanding and Preventing Racial Bias real estate continuing ed course on our website for $25. We also offer the other mandatory course, Connecticut Real Estate Law for Salespersons and Brokers, and elective topics too.

Enroll in our full 12 credit package or just the individual courses you need.

No Zoom or camera is required for any of Keep Me Certified’s online continuing ed courses. There is also no schedule or designated times, just be sure to complete the credits you need before your Connecticut real estate license expires.

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