YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web- Vol 6

Since we launched Keep Me Certified back in January of 2012 we have had a total of 3 people send us messages through our facebook business page.  Honestly, before we received our first facebook message we didn’t even realize it was possible to send a message to a business facebook page, did you?  Anyway, just yesterday we got our third message via facebook and wanted to share it with you.

“Thanks for creating this site. I am finally able to get my certs up to date even with work and motherhood in the way :)”

“I have to admit, I had some intention of logging on and just letting the videos run while I did something else… however, your straight to the point, clearly stated videos were great and I found myself actually watching.” 

So often in continuing educations courses one finds instructors who talk down to everyone and throw out vocabulary that I find tiresome even with a masters degree. Their “war stories” become trite and students zone out. Your course is clear, concise and pertinent. I will gladly pass along your info to other Realtors!”


It’s so uplifting to read kind words like this.  It’s not too often that you hear good things from users because let’s face it, you don’t call up Comcast when your internet connection is working for 24 hours without any glitches.  You only call them when you’ve got a problem and when you’ve got a problem you make it sound like the world is about to end (we do the same thing too).  For example; on Sunday evening a woman signed up for our course and for some reason couldn’t hear Michael (the instructor) talking.  She was understandably frustrated and wrote us a note through our livechat option (which is pretty cool by the way).  She explained the issue and asked for help.  5 minutes later (on Sunday evening around 7pm) we get another message from our contact form on our site stating the same thing, but this time IT WAS IN CAPS!  10 minutes later she wrote us an email directly from her email account saying how this was a terrible service because she hadn’t heard back from us and she was sorry she signed up.  Well, luckily her email signature had her phone number at the bottom so after I finished dinner with my family around 8 I gave her a call.  Turns out, her external speaker volume was turned all the way down to “minimum”. …. Thank god that world ending crisis was avoided.  I can only imagine what she does when the tv remote runs out of batteries.

Anyway, we don’t expect any positive feedback messages because we know that our students have busy lives and don’t always have time to send letters like the one she wrote but it really does make a difference to us when we review all of our feedback.  Thank you to everyone who has sent us similar notes or constructive criticism and keep it coming!


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