New Real Estate Course Topic Released Today: “Mortgage Finance and the Financial Meltdown”

New class today!It is finally here, our newest real estate course topic was released today! Creating this course was not as easy as you might think. It required a lot of research and fact checking to make sure we didn’t misrepresent any of the facts.

The official real estate course name is “Residential Mortgage Loan Market and Credit Today- RE47R05”, focused on explaining the mortgage debt market as it progressed up to 2008. The aspirations and key events that built the mortgage industry were the same conditions that caused the system to implode. Weeks of research and careful word-smithing has allowed us to create an unbiased, factual look in to how Wall Street made off (pun intended) with over $3+ trillion dollars while the rest of the country and world suffered terrible losses in many of their assets.

For access to our new course topic, current students can sign in to our course library and watch 24/7. To register for our course, it takes approximately 2 minutes and upon successfully registering you will have immediate access to our course library for a 6-month period.

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