The New NY Real Estate License Renewal Requirements as of September 21, 2022

New NY Real estate ce requirementsThere have been a series of regulatory updates for New York real estate licensees over the past two years. The new and current rules that apply to ALL New York real estate licensees (brokers and salespersons) on/after September 21, 2022 are as follows. This means if your real estate license expires on or after September 21, 2022, these new requirements apply to you.

Required real estate continuing education courses:

  1. Recent Legal Matters (1 hour) Our “Legal Update” course
  2. Ethical Business Practices (2.5 hour) Our “Code of Ethics” course
  3. Fair Housing (3 hours)
  4. Agency (1 hour or 2 if it’s your first renewal cycle) We have various Agency courses
  5. Implicit Bias (2 hours)
  6. Cultural Competency (2 hours)

The rest of the continuing education hours can be comprised of additional mandatory or elective topics.

Where can I complete continuing ed online?

Keep Me Certified is a fully approved online real estate school by the New York Department of State. If you are ready to learn more and get started, head over to where you can enroll and complete our video based courses 24/7. Our online New York continuing education courses are 100% video based. You can start and stop at your convenience, just be sure to complete the credits you need before your license expires.

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