Cultural Competency – NY’s New Real Estate Continuing Ed Requirement

Cultural Competency Course

Effective September 21, 2022 there are two new additional course topics required by NY DOS to be completed as part of the 22.5 credit hour continuing ed requirement. This new rule affects ALL real estate licensees, brokers and salespersons. One of the new continuing ed requirements in NY is to complete a 2 hour course on Cultural Competency and another two hours on Implicit Bias.

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Keep Me Certified‘s two hour Cultural Competency course is fully approved by NY Department of State to Satisfy this new education requirement.

Produced by Jeff Weiss, this new course features special guest, James Childs, a DEI consultant with extensive (20+ years) experience training on topics ranging from bias, diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competency to audiences ranging from police departments to big tech companies.

In this course, Jeff and James discuss numerous topics that include the Cultural Competency Continuum, inclusion, self-awareness, equity, sharing countless examples and best practices to effectively engaging with others in both a professional and personal setting.

At the time of posting this article, our Cultural Competency course is currently approved in New York to satisfy the two hour Cultural Competency requirement to renew a New York real estate license. While not (yet) required in other states, we feel this course will be helpful and insightful for real estate professionals across the country and will be submitting it for approval in additional jurisdictions.

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