October Real Estate Continuing Education Class – Massachusetts

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 8.00.08 AMDo you need to complete your 12-hours of continuing ed to keep your real estate license active? Take them at keepmecertified.com where you can start and stop the videos whenever you want and there aren’t any quizzes or tests.

Hate sitting in a boring uncomfortable classroom for an entire day? If you use keepmecertified to complete your required continuing ed credits you don’t have to. Our online course can be viewed from any device anywhere with a decent internet connection, including the ipad on your couch. Take us with you on your commute to work and even listen to the videos from your iphone while you’re sitting at your desk!

Many agents who are members of local or national real estate associations are required to complete a 2.5 credit hour ethics course to keep their membership active. Keep Me Certified also offers the 2.5.hour approved ethics module. Agents can apply the credits from that course towards the 12 hour requirement as well.

Get started today! For more information or to register for our course, check us out at keepmecertified.com.