Rhode Island Real Estate Continuing Education – 2022 Requirements


[Click here for our 2024 article] This was published for the 2022 RI renewal cycle. Much of the information provided here is unchanged, but it’s smart to read the latest articles.

Renewing a Rhode Island real estate license in 2022 is easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable than it’s ever been. In this post, we outline the education requirements that RI licensees need to satisfy before the April 30, 2022 deadline.

Core vs Elective Requirements:

Every two years, on even numbered years (2022, 2024, etc.) real estate agents and brokers need to complete 24 credit hours of continuing education. At least nine of the 24 credit hours must be a CORE topic. You can complete more than nine, but not less and the remaining credits can be electives. Included in those nine core credits must be a 3 hour Fair Housing course.

Licensees who hold a valid Rhode Island real estate license originally issued prior to December 12, 1984, are not required to take continuing education courses for purposes of license renewal.

Can I complete my credits online?

Continuing education credits can be completed live in a physical classroom, live online (ie Zoom) or asynchronously (on-demand) at any time during the two year renewal cycle. Most licensees typically to wait until the last few weeks and months leading up to their renewal deadline, but credits can be completed at any time during the two year cycle. Any extra credits that are completed cannot be applied to the next renewal cycle. The full list of continuing education requirements can be found on the RI DBR website, here in section 2.30.

What is Keep Me Certified?

Keep Me Certified is a Rhode Island approved real estate school offering on-demand video continuing ed courses. You can start and stop our videos at your convenience and you have access to them for one year from the date you register. Just be sure to complete them before your license expires.

Keep Me Certified offers all 24 credits as a package. Below is the complete list of courses offered in our 24 credit ce package for the current renewal cycle:

Fair Housing (CORE)
Understanding the Appraisal (CORE)
Financing a Home: The New Rules (CORE)
Financing a Home: Personal Credit (CORE)
Real Estate Technology
Code of Ethics (CORE)
Real Estate Obstacles
Building Relationships With Buyers (CORE)
Building Relationships With Sellers (CORE)

To learn more or enroll and get started, head over to our Rhode Island real estate school at keepmecertified.com

Where do I renew my RI Real Estate License?

Once you have completed all of the credits you need, you can renew your Rhode Island real estate license and pay the renewal fee through Rhode Island’s elicensing portal.



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