Boston Real Estate Classes in November

November is a relatively quiet time for real estate agents active in the industry. Many licensed real estate agents start their continuing education days or even a few weeks before their license expires.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you don’t want to get yourself caught having to watch 12 hours of continuing education as you’re cooking your turkey.

Keep Me Certified is a board certified Massachusetts real estate school based in Boston. We offer the 12-hour continuing education class online on video. You can watch whenever you’d like, play and pause at your convenience and there are no quizzes or tests.

Sign-up, watch the videos and print your certificate, it’s that easy. Our $55 course is done completely online and you can register and start the course any time of day or night.

Our online continuing ed course works on your ipad and iphones too so you can watch or listen (depending if you’re driving) while on your commute to and from work or the store.

For more information, go to Thanks for finding us and enjoy the course.

-The KMC Team