PSI Testing Locations in Massachusetts for the Real Estate License Exam

Due in part to the increasing demand and of real estate exam candidates, PSI has more than doubled the number of testing locations available across the Commonwealth. PSI is the exclusive state approved testing provider for Massachusetts.

There are more PSI testing locations today than there has ever been, 12 at the latest count in 2022. You can find a complete list of PSI testing locations here.

Now You Can Take the Exam Online

Beginning in 2021, the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure (aka the Massachusetts Real Estate Commission) approved PSI to begin offering the Massachusetts real estate license exam online. That’s right, you can now take the exam from the comfort of your own home. You will need a computer (with a good internet connection) that has a working microphone and camera. This is necessary so a real person can see all four corners of the room before you begin and they will watch (proctor) you through your camera and microphone while you complete your exam.

Their mission is to ensure candidates taking the exam are not cheating. That’s right, no notes under your keyboard, open book next to your monitor, or cell phone use is permitted during the exam. The proctor has the authority to end your exam and fail you if they catch cheating.

Applying To Take The Massachusetts Real Estate Exam

First, you need to complete a 40-hour course from an approved real estate school. If you still need to complete that course, check out Keep Me Certified, but odds are you are reading this post because you already completed the course and are trying to schedule the exam.

There is one additional and timely step before you can approved. Your school will provide you with a Candidate Handbook, which contains a number of forms you need to complete and submit to PSI for their review. One of the forms needs to be notarized and another, the Candidate Endorsement page (pg 29 in the Handook), needs to be signed by three people not related to you (eg coworkers, neighbors, friends, etc). They will be attesting to your good moral character.

Tip: One of the forms asks which board. Write in “Real Estate” and “Salesperson” for the license type – unless you already have a real estate license and are applying to qualify for the Broker exam.

Upon completing the requisite forms in the Handbook, we recommend scanning and submitting the complete package to PSI at the email address found on the front cover of the handbook: PSI is located in Nevada, so emailing saves time in transit and you don’t have to pay extra to track making sure it gets there.

It can take PSI from 2-6 weeks to review your application, send it off to the state to conduct their CORI (background) check, hear back from the State then follow up to let you know you have been approved. You may not hear from PSI between the time you submit your Handbook and the day that you receive your approval notice with instructions to schedule your Massachusetts real estate exam.

Tip: If your background check doesn’t come back “clean”, your application will be put into a separate pile for manual review and can take up to an extra few weeks as the real estate board reviews each of those candidates on a case-by-case basis.

The approval notification you receive from PSI via email will contain instructions to schedule your Massachusetts real estate exam. At that time you can choose the location and time that works best for you, including opting to take the real estate exam from home.

What to do while waiting to hear back from PSI?

We recommend taking the 2-6 week waiting period to review the course materials, videos, practice tests, and reach out any time you get stuck. Should you want/need an alternate explanation to any of the content, many of the concepts taught in the course can also be found across numerous articles and videos on youtube. Sometimes students just need an alternate explanation. That said, we are always here and happy to help. Our goal to help students pass their Massachusetts real estate exam on their first try and we do everything we can to make that happen. Students can reach out to us seven days a week, before and after taking the exam.

Keep Me Certified is a Massachusetts based real estate school offering the 40-hour course required to satisfy the education requirement to sit for the exam. To learn more or enroll and get started, visit us at or scroll down and click the green get started button below.


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