NEW Massachusetts Agency Relationships Disclosure Form

Ma Agency Disclosure FormEvery state requires real estate licensees to provide consumers with a Consumer Relationship Disclosure Form (aka Agency Relationship Disclosure). Massachusetts recently (September 2021) made a significant update to their form, but its release was not well publicized leaving many real estate agents and their brokers unaware.

Here is a link to the new version of the Massachusetts Real Estate Agency Disclosure Form in English. You can find this form in 8 different languages here.

The most notable update to this form is the timing of when an Agency Relationship Disclosure Form must be provided to a consumer. New language is “this form must be presented electronically or through some other means before the licensee enters into a contract with a consumer.” The prior language stated “All real estate licensees must present this form to you at the first personal meeting with you to discuss a specific property”. This change was made, in part, because there are many scenarios where a licensee may never have a personal meeting with their client. Also, the definition of “personal meeting” was unclear.

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