Benefit by Advertising to Real Estate Professionals in Massachusetts

advertising to real estate professionalsThose reading this already appreciate the value of advertising to real estate agents and brokers as they are many times the trusted source for referrals to buyers and sellers when looking for a vendor in the real estate industry.

Whether you’re an Attorney, Landscape Architect, Mortgage Lender or general handyman, getting your name, product or service in front of real estate agents can provide incredible referral business for you.

Keep Me Certified is a Massachusetts online real estate school based in Boston. The vast majority of our students use our 12-hour online continuing ed course to complete their required education mandated by the Board of Professional Licensure.

Over the past two years we’ve had the attention of over 4,500 real estate agents and brokers across Massachusetts for at least 12-hours of their time. Advertising to real estate agents on couldn’t be easier. For more info, give us a call @ 617-651-1335 or visit us at

We offer a couple of advertising opportunities but our most popular option is to reserve a space to put a graphic advertisement right next to the videos as they play.

Our advertising to real estate professionals over the past few years include, home inspection companies, real estate attorney’s, mortgage lenders, real estate brokerages looking to recruit new agents and even local printing companies offering discounts on business cards, fliers, and sell sheets.

If you have a business or service that can profit with the help of referrals from real estate professionals then we’re probably a good fit.

For more information or to speak directly with one of the owners, give us a call at 617-651-1335 or visit us at