Boston Real Estate School Training Class

Real estate school trainingAs a real estate agent in Boston, it’s tough finding the motivation and time to renew my license. In fact, since it is required by the state I was always that much less interested in doing it.  A bit over one year ago my partner and I decided we were going to make it easy, educational and enjoyable for all Agents across Mass to complete their ce credits. We created Keep Me Certified, a real estate school for license renewal where agents and brokers from across the Commonwealth can come to complete their required 12 hours, at any time of day, anywhere with an internet connection.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our instructor and video content. Since we’re an online MA real estate school it is equally as important that we have a professional and easy to use website. We spent weeks performing user testing to ensure that our users didn’t have any issues.

An equally important part of our school is our customer service. I personally head that up to ensure that every student has the best possible experience taking our course. In a previous post I discussed what it is that makes our customer service so great.   Shortly after I followed up with “our real-talk policy” which many people found interesting and worthy of testing.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and if you’d like to read more about who offers the cheapest real estate continuing ed course, I’ve also previously written an article about that.

There is not one aspect of our real estate school that makes us proud, it’s a combination of many core business fundamentals that in aggregate combine to ensure an overall above average user experience.

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