Youspeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web- Vol 5

When our online continuing education course inspires feedback, we know we’ve got a good product.  We know that continuing education is a refresher course and most people already know a lot of the content but it’s those times when you realize “o yeah, i didn’t realize that” or “that’s right, I’m glad they’re talking about this” that lets us know that we’re doing something right.  Case in point, below is a note that we received from one of our users last night.  Take a gander and you might learn something too…. for free

“Listening to last module regarding price fixing and agents all giving same rate…

As a buyer of a lot of of million dollar plus homes for our family I am so sick of agents all over country telling us when we were listing with them that this is the going rate for this area and i would tell them to go read real estate law! You are price fixing! And be very pissed off! Needless to say my family did not want to list property with them.

I am amaZed how adamantly brokers persist in this nonsense! I wouldnt give any broker in any city 5 percent on a our homes or commercial properties over one  million. Most are bitchy about it. Which i think they should be reprimanded for. As a broker I am appalled at behaviour of agents.., thats why I became a Broker!

Thank you for acknowledging that there is NO INDUSTRY STANDARD on price of commission.

You should talk about that more in future classes.”


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