How to Renew a New Jersey Real Estate License in 2021

Please read our updated article for 2023 NJ Renewal Requirements


Is your New Jersey real estate license about to expire? Is your continuing education deadline approaching or has it recently passed? Don’t let your New Jersey real estate license expire! In this article, you will learn about the regulations set by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, continuing education requirements, and everything you need to keep your real estate license active in 2021.


2021 New Jersey Continuing Education Requirements

The New Jersey Real Estate Commission instructs that, to renew your license, you need to complete 12 continuing education credit hours every two years or complete one or more broker pre-licensure education courses.

Breakdown of the required 12 continuing ed credit hours: 

  • Six credit hours must be in courses within the core topics

The six credits shall include at least two credit hours on Ethics.

Visit PSI continuing education online website to see your continuing education record, renew your real estate license or print your transcript. If you completed your courses with Keep Me Certified, you can login to your account 24/7 to download fresh copies of your certificates.

If you are unsure of the courses to take or you don’t know where to take the courses, you can visit our online real estate school,, to enroll in continuing ed courses that satisfy the mandatory and elective topics you need to renew your real estate license.

Important dates to note:

April 30, 2021: Deadline for completion of CE credit hours.

May 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021: CE credits may still be turned in but the individual would have to pay a mandatory late CE fee of $200.

July 1, 2021: The 2023 CE Term begins.

At this point, all licensees who do not complete their CE requirements and renew their licenses may no longer practice until their licenses are reinstated.

Continuing Education Waivers 

You may receive a partial or total waiver for CE requirements in a case of:

  • Incapacitating illness
  • Emergency
  • Active military duty
  • Other substantial or unavoidable hardship (not including financial hardship, business conflicts or personal obligations)

If your license is currently in referral status, then you are not required to complete continuing ed to maintain your status. There is more information on the NJ Real Estate Commission website for licensees who are currently in referral status.

With the exception of a waiver obtained for active military duty, the individual will need to make up for the waived core courses in the next license term.

Lastly, continuing education credits do not roll over to the following licensing term. Also, you cannot receive credit for taking the same course more than once in the same renewal cycle. Keep Me Certified has a full catalog of courses available to satisfy your continuing education requirements.

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