Where is “The Best Online Massachusetts Real Estate School”?


Yes the title, “The Best Online Massachusetts Real Estate School” is in fact a real quote from one of our students, Andrew K.  While Andrew didn’t give specifics as to why Keep Me Certified is the best online real estate school, here are a few speculated reasons.


1: We are affordable. Who doesn’t love a good deal? We at Keep Me Certified sure do, which is why we offer our 12 hours of continuing education classes at a very competitive price.  And if that’s not enough to sell you, we even offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If for some reason you aren’t completely happy with our school, no worries, you will be refunded.

2: We have an awesome instructor. Our instructor, Jeff Chute is a seasoned real estatebroker.  He’s been through it all and absolutely loves to share his stories.  He’s energetic and engaging and our students actually like listening to him. Click here to read some more student reviews.

3. We offer a variety of course topics. While the Massachusetts Board requires you to complete 6 2-hour courses, for a total of 12 credit hours, Keep Me Certified offers 9 different courses.  We offer more than the required so you can pick the 6 topics that interest you most.

4. We’re easy to use.  Our site is extremely easy to navigate. It takes about 2 minutes to sign up, then you can begin streaming our high definition videos to your computer, tablet or mobile device.


These are just a few reasons, so let us know why else Keep Me Certified is the best online real estate school in MA.  Connect with us on our website, blog, Facebook or Google+

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