How to Renew a South Carolina Real Estate License in 2021 [Updated 2022)

How to Renew a South Carolina Real estate License in 2022

Keep Me Certified Real Estate Continuing Ed StudentDon’t let your South Carolina real estate license expire.

In this article, we outline the regulations set by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission, continuing education requirements, and everything you need to know to renew and keep your real estate license active in 2022.

2022 South Carolina Continuing Education Requirements

According to the South Carolina Real Estate Commission, SCREC, Salesperson and Broker Licensees are to renew their licenses by completing 10 continuing education credits hours once every two years.

Breakdown of the 10 continuing ed credit hour requirement

• Four hours must be in courses within the core topics
• The remaining six hours may be completed in elective topics

Broker-in-Charge licensees will need four hours in core topics, two hours in electives, and 4 hours in the mandatory BIC Duties and Responsibilities course.

2022 Mandatory Course Topic – A Walk Through the Law

The current mandatory core topic for the 2020-2022 renewal cycle is “A Walk Through The Law”. This 4-hour course takes a deep dive into the South Carolina real estate regulations and is designed to help licensees navigate and better understand them. This course is offered online, on-demand through Keep Me Certified, a fully approved South Carolina real estate school.

Renewing a South Carolina Real Estate License

Visit CE Broker, the official CE tracking system of the SC Real Estate Commission, to see pre-licensing requirements, search approved CE courses, and track your course completion history.

If you completed your courses with Keep Me Certified, you can login 24/7 to download fresh copies of your certificate. Once your credits have been uploaded to CEBroker, you can renew your license directly through the state’s elicense portal.

If you are unsure of the courses to take or you don’t know where to complete these courses, you can visit our online real estate school,, to enroll in continuing ed courses that satisfy the mandatory and elective requirements you need to renew your real estate license.

Important dates to note

May 2, 2022: South Carolina Real Estate Licensees with a June 30, 2022 expiration date may begin renewing their licenses on May 2, 2022.
June 30, 2022: Expiration date for the renewal of South Carolina real estate licenses.

July 1, 2022- December 31, 2022: Licensees can still renew their licenses but they will have to pay a late renewal fee which builds up at a rate of $15 per month from July 1st.
December 31, 2022: After December 31st, any unrenewed license is statutorily canceled and considered void. Such an individual will have to reapply and requalify.

Continuing Education Exemptions

You may receive a total or partial CE exemption if you happen to be a:

  • Salesperson who took broker prelicensing courses
  • Salesperson in first renewal who took the post-licensing course before 2017
  • Licensee with 25 years of licensed sales or broker experience
  • Licensee over 65 years and with 25 years of licensed experience before 2017
  • Nonresident that has met the CE requirements of your resident licensed jurisdiction
  • An active-duty licensee in the United States Military

Visit the SC Real Estate Commission CE Exemptions page to see details about the CE exemptions above.

Lastly, continuing education credits do not roll over to the following licensing term. Also, you cannot receive credit for taking the same course more than once in the same renewal cycle.

Keep Me Certified has a full catalog of courses available to satisfy your continuing education requirements.

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