Keep Me Certified discount codes… where are they?

We, the Dealroom Partners, eat breathe and lose sleep over Keep Me Certified.  We spend all of our free time thinking and dreaming up ways to improve our site, videos and overall user experience.  We strive to give our users the best customer service, best quality videos/content and we even searched for a long time before we found the most engaging instructor.  Did you notice how beautifully designed and error free our website is.   By the way, we offer the lowest price continuing ed course in Massachusetts.

Do you still want a discount code?  Well, I suppose we can’t be everything to everyone so if you’re only going to signup for a school that offers a discount code, I guess we just weren’t meant to be.

WAIT! Before you go, I just want you to keep one thing in mind.  When you find a $10 or $20 off discount code to another school, do the math and they’ll probably still be more expensive.

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