KeepMeCertified Reviews by Students

We understand how important reviews are when scouring the internet for new products and services. We admittedly don’t have many reviews written about us on sites like yelp, citysearch, Judy’s book and other sites like that not because we don’t have users or because nobody writes reviews, it’s because everyone sends their feedback directly to us. You’ll notice on our site that we solicit feedback and plaster our email all of the place. We do this on purpose because we want to interact with our students. The best way to find out what our users want is to effectively communicate. In the past couple of weeks I’d like to share a couple of reviews.

“I just took the 12 hour course you offer and thought it was ” The Best of The Best “. The material was presented in such a way as to keep your attention throughout the course. I will definitely continue to take the course to satisfy the Massachusetts State requirements for license renewal and refer all my friends and associates to you. Thanks for everything and ” Keep Up The Great Work ” ….” -Buren Leslie

“First time I have taken these online courses. They are great, instructor is very clear, engaging and instructive, thank you” -Patrice

Enjoyed the speakers tempo and speaking voice, it made it easy to listen and absorb the information. Thanks” -David

“I just want to tell you that I was watching your course videos on my laptop on a flight from 30,000 feet yesterday. It was a surprisingly good internetconnection even though they said netflix, hulu and other “streaming services” were not supported. Here is a picture. Excellent videos, glad I picked this course” -Jen

“BTW, the instructor is very good. He has a good expressive voice, a real vocabulary, and is only the second RE instructor worth listening to. The first taught a RE pre-licensure course in FL decades ago. [FL Sales pre-licensure requirement included 125 hours of courses – no sleeping allowed.]””-Thanks, Pat

We have a ton of emails like that from students and we would be happy to share more of them with you if you would like. You can also read more on our school facebook page.

Still not convinced one way or the other? Read more about the school owners on their about us page then poke around the school website.

If you have any additional questions that are still unanswered, check out the FAQ page on our site.


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