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We are looking for professionals in the real estate industry (in Massachusetts) that want to leverage the power, reach and exposure that our real estate school blog offers. Become an authority on the topic that you want to share. Our blog generates a lot of views and we are offering you, our students, the opportunity to add your own value. Do you have something interesting to share about the industry or an exciting recent deal you just closed? Perhaps a unique new listing?

Who can submit articles? Good question, anyone who contributes or is a part of the Massachusetts real estate community. Mortgage Professionals, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Attorneys, Agents, Brokers etc…

Promote yourself, your office, your expertise and your listings on our school blog! We’ll give you credit for any content you create. It’s simple, write something interesting or educational about yourself or the industry, add at least one picture, create a title and send it in to us.

DO’S of article writing:
– Do write something unique
– Do find at least one good picture to include with the article
– Do write something that promotes yourself, your services or the industry in general
– Do consider your audience (real estate professionals and homebuyers)
– Do use spell check. Attention to detail

DON’TS of article writing:
– Don’t plagiarize
– Don’t submit duplicate posts (if you posted the article somewhere else already we’re not interested)
– Don’t user poor grammar
– Don’t forget that you are the author and you are creating a first impression on your readers.

All posts will be screened for quality prior to posting. Submit your blog posts to and we look forward to seeing your submissions.