Massachusetts Real Estate Continuing Ed in November

As the residential real estate market cools down with the weather, the real estate continuing ed market heats up.  Now that real estate agents have a bit more free time they are able to complete the 12 credit hours required to keep their real estate licenses active.  Many will flock to their local real estate school or perhaps even a commonly known online school.  One of those real estate schools is Keep Me Certified.

Having educated more than 11,000 Massachusetts real estate agents, Keep Me Certified offers a variety of courses and instructors ranging from Mortgage Finance to Environmental Issues and Agency Relationships.

Keep Me Certified is a convenient and educational way to fulfill those CE requirements.  They do not require any quizzes or tests, in fact, all courses are completely video based.  Course videos can be watched from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Getting  your continuing ed started is the hardest part.  Using Keep Me Certified makes it easy, affordable and actually enjoyable.  To learn more or get started, visit