Online Massachusetts Real Estate School Reviews

Keep Me Certified, a Board certified online Massachusetts Real Estate School, understands how influential online reviews can be when making a purchase. Whether you are buying a new gadget, an article of clothing or investing in a continuing education course, consumers always want to feel as though they are making the best possible choice. We want to share a few reviews we have received from our students over the past couple of weeks:

– “Great job, Mike, never thought that I would even want to take a course “on line” as I always enjoyed the classroom. However, your delivery of the material is excellent. Some dry stuff actually sounds fairly interesting!! I have finished 2 and 1/3. Back at again tonight Great job, best, Marge”

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 2.50.56 PM– “I really enjoyed the courses. Thy were informative and the instructor made them fun and enjoyable, thanks!” -Adam

-“Very good courses. I usually get board with many speakers. However, in this case I am staying interested in how it is being presented. I’m glad I am taking my C.E. with your company.”-Jim K.

We crave your feedback. Once you take our course let us know what you like about our course and what we can improve to make our online continuing education courses even better. Send us a note via our contact us form, or shoot us an email at

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